fünf minuten klangstabil - reviews

dizko 2000 [01/1999]
der titel f.m.k. ist im wahrsten sinne des wortes klangstabil: zwei menschen, zwei individuelle klaenge ohne einschwing- und ausschwingphase und konstant in der gesamtlautstaerke. alles klingt wie aus der ersten stunde der synthesizerkunde, reduziert elektronische klangforschung brutal bis auf die knochen. am besten man hat zwei davon und unterlegt a mit b oder umgekehrt. vom anwendungsfaktor im populaeren sinne voellig unbrauchbar aber von seiten der zielintention (fuer weitere ausfuehrungen infobeileger abchecken) soweit vorn, wie andere schon lange nicht mehr.
(claus bachor)

de-bug [02/1999]
klangstabil machen ernst, und versuchen stabilen klang zu erzeugen. legt man die 7" auf, dann beleibt der klang, exakt 5 min, metallisch, elektronisch, trocken und klirrend, mit seinen eigenen schwingungen und resonanzen. klangstabil bei aller intensitaet. auf der rueckseite noch ein track aus einer art zerstoerten bassdrum im langsamen marsch und sich darauf ausbreitender immer staerker veraetzer flaechen. monumental, aber auch sehr unpathetisch wissenschaftlich. musik die nicht nur theorie ist, aber genau so begriffen werden kann, und dabei immer auf eine wesentliche reduktion der mittel baut, die viele bei solchen experimenten oft vergessen was sie zu kuenstlerischer beliebigkeit verkommen laesst. hier wie gesagt. die reine lehre.
bleed ****

partysan [02/1999]
fünf minuten klangstabil ist der intime akt, der zwei eigene toene bzw. klaenge kombiniert. der klang ist in sich ruhig, benoetigt aber energie, um konstant zu bleiben, das andauern des klanges beschreibt den monochronismus, den klangstabil, wenn es um organisatorische dinge geht, krankhaft ausueben. "teil ist" koennte zu beginn der synthesizerkunde entstanden sein und auch das ist geplant, da sich klangstabil mit dem ursprung beschaeftigt. das technische problem waere ebenso interessant: wieviel hertz, wieviel verschiedene tonhoehen, besteht einklang? ist er im mathematischen sinne harmonisch? teil zwei entspricht ebenso klangstabil. ihr grundgedanke der "evolutionaeren zerstoerung" ist fuer das weiterleben erforderlich: ausgangs und endpunkt sind identisch, somit schliesst sicher der kreis und es ist klangstabil.
olsen 4/5

new empire [02/1999]
this new 7" of klangstabil is called "five minutes klangstabil" and some of us will say after listening: thank god it's not "one hour klangstabil". after all i think we are discussing music in our reviews so i treat this 7" as something special and don't rate it. but let me explain you why. on side a we can hear the same sound 5 minutes long ! it is not ascending, it is not descending, it is the same sound 5 minutes long. if you really listen to it the whole time....maybe you become paranoid ore something i don't know. it has nothing to do with "music" to me anymore. it is maybe noise-art. ant the artists say about it. "we wanted to find our personal sound like everybody has a personal smell or a personal look. so we bothlooked for our personal sound, combined them in the end, because klangstabil is both of us and therefor found the unique sound of klangstabil." nice idea. but why 5 minutes long? ok, to fill the side of the 7". the side b contains again a "real" song, based upon this klangstabil-sound we discovered on the a-side. after all i'd say this is surely an important work for the band and it is a 7" every fan of klangstabil or experimental sounds should have. but it is far away from what i call music.

re:mote induction [09/1999]
the idea of this limited edition 7" is that each side contains a 5 minute exploration of the sound that defines who the duo klangstabil are. as such this is more about the concept, the idea, than the musical output, which is something that the listener should be aware of. side 1 is fünf minuten klangstabil 1, and consists of the one sound, one tone sustained without variation for 5 minutes. the sound is essentially a high pitched whine over a bass hum, and that's all there is to it. i can imagine that some people will find this to be annoying. which i guess would put me in the minority as i actually find myself focusing into the mindset of the sound - the constancy is reassuring. knowing the idea and seeing the second side is entitled fünf minuten klangstabil ii i expected something in the same vein or a different version of the same track. so when 5mk2 actually exhibits more variation i am unsure as to how to take it. what is it going to do with its regular beat, which does have an element of repetition as one beat loops? but i can detect some variation over the course of 5 minutes, and it is certainly harsher than the first side. reflecting on this two sides and the idea that they represent the sounds of klangstabil i come to an interesting conclusion. the more klangstabil i hear the better feel i get for their "sound". separately, i do not necessarily believe that either side is fully representative. however i suspect if one were to find oneself in possession of two copies of this 7" and the facility to play both, with the opposite sides at the same time only then would you gain the true sound of klangstabil... ..if anyone tries this let me know how you got on.

recycle your ears [03/2001]
the two guys of klangstabil loves experimenting with tones and sounds, as well as they love releasing abstract, obscure and very conceptual recodings. this simply designed 7" is one of their attempt at writing music according to a simple but strict principle: each of them worked individualy on a constant sound, to be looped without any change or modification, producing what the band called "monochronism". the result are two tracks, each one lasting for exactly 5 minutes and being a monotonous adventure lead by only one sound. "fünf minuten klangstabil i" is basically a continuous high frequency, that stays away from being a simple feedback, and grow very slowly on the listener, piercing his ears while revealing very small variations in its tone. dense but bleak, this sounds electronics and slightly saturated, but stays extremely simple and repetitive. "fünf minuten klangstabil ii" is very different, the main sound being this time a big, crunchy beat slowly repeated ad nauseam for 5 minutes, but enriched with, i think, some echoes and other effects. by the end, this beat becomes really enormous, almost turning into a soundscape, and i'm sure there are quite a lot of rhythmic noise tracks that would love to have such a heavy, distorted sound. but the whole thing stops before changing, and the only thing to be heard here is really this beat turning into a scape. very nice experiment anyways. there isn't much to say about such a small item, except that it will probably please more fans of klangstabil than people who are not familiar with this act. the two tracks are quite simple, interesting, but not really enough to get a good idea of the band, except for their taste for distorted but controlled sound. all in all, a nice item for collectors and fan, and for sure a curious 7" for people who like innovation in industrial music.