new empire interview

toxin: please tell us first of all something about the history and the people behind klangstabil. where are you from ? how old are you ? are you from italy, maurizio ? how did you begin to make music ?

maurizio: the formation "klangstabil" consists of two artists. myself, maurizio blanco, and boris may. we met in 1994 and discovered soon, that we like the same kind of music. we tried out different projects but were soon bored by the different styles. so we decided to try something new – klangstabil. boris is 23 years old and i am 26! we do our own label megahertz for job. this is not only a label but also an internet-service. i am italian, better to say: my parents come from italy. in 1985 electronic music began to interest me. i bought my first synthesizer and it took not much time to fill my complete apartment with equipment. today my flat is a kind of studio. (ok, bed and tv are still existing…)

toxin: where does the name "klangstabil"
come from ?

maurizio: the root of the word is a mistake. it should be "stimmstabil". the story so far: there was this synthesizer which we bought second hand and boris asked the guy: "is the synthesizer klangstabil?". this was the birth of the name.

toxin: on your homepage you mentioned kraftwerk as the major inspiration. if i listen to your sound, i can find a lot of parallels, but klangstabil is much more experimental and "darker" in some way. what other inspirations influence your music ?

right. in the musical aspect kraftwerk and klangstabil have nothing really in common, but the way to make music comprehensive and the iron will, to go an own way and not to be influenced by external circumstances, that’s the real inspiration by kraftwerk in our music. the stamnia.
most influences come from the old-school electro-scene and pop-music from the 80ths.

toxin: what is the philosophy behind klangstabil ? many bands use their music to show the world how they see the world. do you have an equal intention ?

maurizio: the philosophy of klangstabil is: the sound serves the communication. this means: one step back, two steps forward.

toxin: you have founded an own label for klangstabil, megaherz. didn't you find any existing label which signed you or was it just a step to be more independent ?

both reasons. we didn’t make music with the intention to release it. by accident we got the attention of a label, the first release followed. later, in 1996 we founded megahertz. now different artists are on this label: goran besov, p·a·l, savas pascalidis, ther, kryzou und berbat sez. it don’t have to be exclusively electronic music. it doesn’t matter, what it is: it just has to be good. no matter if it is classic or hip-hop or jazz - it doesn´t matter!

i found some interviews in culture shock & klirr factor upon your page, so you are not as unknown as i thought. so i think it is only my personal ignorance that i haven't heard something about you before. in which kind of scene or music-subculture do you feel home ?

(laughs) well, we feel happy in the power electronics / noise / darktechno – scene. but other people love our music also, people who have absolutely nothing to do with electronic music.

what kind of people come to your shows ?

this is different. people who enjoy our music and people who want to be shocked (our gigs are always loud and aggressive).

do you think the scene for electronic music is good and prospering or do you belong to the people who say that there was no real highlight after kraftwerk anymore ?

the electronic music will not change very much anymore. a lot of artists use audio-visual methods (live) to enforce their music and to create new things. i think kraftwerk was the beginning and noise is the end.

how does such a live-show look like ? is there really a show or just two guys manipulating their machines ? what visions about making a life-show in the future do you have ? and do you have general tips for other electronic acts to improve their shows ?

maurizio: our shows give the audience a look upon our working-process. the machines (synthesizers) are placed in positions so that everyone in the audience can see how we work on them. at least this were the facts from our last gigs. for the future we want to use more light. until now we used only candles and dimmed blue light to support us live. i love the live-show of "noisex".

toxin: what do you think about more popular and commercial forms of electronic music, like techno and dancefloor ? is this music for you or just industry ?

maurizio: i don’t really think about this kind of making money. there are more important things…

have you ever heard about this virtual japanese pop-star kyoko date ? a virtual being, created in the computer which had a top10-hit in japan ? what do you think about projects like this, music that isn't presented by a human anymore but a computer-simulation. is this what kraftwerk meant with "wir sind die roboter ?"

maurizio: yes, i know this thing. isn’t there something equal in germany ? i heard about it. it is a nice idea, but behind it are still musicians, animators, programmers, etc. if this virtual beings have their own consciousness and produce the music "with there own hands" (how should this work ???) the we are the roboters.

toxin: how do you think about the future ? music, your band, europe, politics ?

no one knows what will be in the future. klanstabil will produce some releases, europe will become smaller (the euro comes !) and politicians will always lie.

toxin: do you have some words you want to say to the readers ?


toxin: thank you for the great interview.