menschenhass - reviews

bildschirm [01/2000]

nach etwa einjaehriger pause (wenn man von den tapes absieht) melden sich die beiden klangstabil-jungs boris may und maurizio blanco mit einer neuen 10" zurueck, diesmal nicht auf megahertz sondern vielmehr auf dem new yorker label world war iv. die idee zu dieser platte entstand aus dem hass gegenueber einer stadt, reutlingen, und deren bewohner heraus. das cover zeigt die shilouhetten der beiden schwer bewaffneten produzenten wie sie schussbereit vor dem gewusel der reutlinger fussgaengerzone stehen. die platte selbst kommt in durchsichtigem vinyl, und die rillen laufen von innen nach aussen. der track "der menschenhasser" auf der a-seite wird von einem langsamen beat mit stark verzerrten snares und hihats getragen, ueber dem sich majestaetische strings auftuermen, und kreiert somit eine bedrohlich-dramatische atmosphaere. nach dem letzten break endet der track in absoluter distortion. sehr eindrucksvoll. die b-seite, "absicherung der arbeitskraft", kommt ohne viele rhythmische elemente aus und zeigt sich mit einer sich staendig wiederholenden, beissenden synthiesequenz ebenfalls boese und elektronisch kalt. es ist den beiden hier gelungen, ihren stil weiter zu verfeinern, und man darf gespannt sein was noch so alles kommt wenn erst ihr neues studio in betrieb ist. die platte ist uebrigens auf 353 stueck limitiert, von denen aber nur ein kleiner teil nach deutschland kommt. jh

de:bug [01/2000]
wer glaubt klangstabil wuerden langsam in richtung alec empire posertum abgleiten, der duerfte nachdem er diese transparente 10" gehoert hat all das schnell wieder vergessen haben. zwei tracks extrem dichter noisiger musik voll von strangen effekten, modulationen, grundklaengen, echos, zerrissenheit, zerrender lebendigkeit und boeser kompromislosigkeit, die aber dennoch ueber alles den klang setzen, und daran arbeiten. trotz aller schroffen elemente ist diese klangstabil ep nicht einfach noise, und damit einreihbar in den glauben an die wie auch immer geartete reinigung druch zerstoerung (in so einem fall meist klang) sondern ein sehr genau funktionierendes uhrwerk seltsamer aber kongruenter und stimmiger ideen die man so formuliert selten finden kann. wenn auch auf "absicherung der arbeitskraft" die ideologie etwas stark durch die sounds scheint, eine sehr gute platte fuer leute die etwas weiter in musik hineinhoeren wollen. bleed

new empire [01/2000]
one friend of mine once said: klangstabil make the most awful music i've ever heard. and i think it is exactly the intention of klangstabil to make people like this friend of mine to say things like this. it don't want to describe the music of klangstabil again in this review, if you want to know more about it, just read the other reviews. basically menschenhass brings no change in the overall-concept of the project. it is really heavy music, minimalistic, experimentalistic and maybe surealistic (i don't believe you can express surealism in music, but that's another story). either you love klangstabil if you understand the message or you hate it, because then you "hear" it form the wrong point of view. menschenhass get's a coolnes 10 from me because of different reasons. 1. the title. it's great, together with this cover. you'll like it. read the text on the back-cover and you'll love it. 2. the lp itself...hell it is not like a normal lp played from the outside to the inside, but the other way round! it was really hard work to convince my lp-player to make it so. 3. the sick and insane music. go to their page and listen to the samples, i cannot explain it. the album is limited to 353 pieces, so try to get a copy. it is like always a great piece of art! yes, art. forget it if you seek disco-music. toxin

re:mote induction [02/2000]

accepted knowledge: records are 12" circles of black vinyl, playing from the outer edge to the center. klangstabil - menschenhass: 10" clear vinyl, with an inside out groove - which means it plays from the center to the edge. something i'd read about, but clearly not paid enough attention to as i attempt to work out what the hell its all about. but why has menschenhass been pressed this way? well, klangstabil said: "the idea is from the label world war iv in new york city, where the 10" came out. thanks to sasha and shane for that great idea!!! .. sasha (from noizguild/world war iv) asked me, if we were interested in making a special thing for the menschenhass we decided to make an inside-outside groove .. cause' it's not current!! special it may be, but every time i think about it all i can think of is watching the record going round in reverse. so the first time i put it on i am more concerned with watching the rotation in strange fascination. and i can't help wonder if this affected the sound that appears on the record - i am sure some of it sounds a little backwards itself. to this suggestion klangstabil replied: "hehe .. no, the music was created before the idea came out to pressing our stuff on an inside-outside groove!! it wasn't our idea!! it was the idea of the world war iv label!! the music sounds on the master dat and on the 10" vinyl the same! .. there is no difference ..!!". so there you go; it's just a psychological effect of watching the spinning. as klangstabil have said, this is a release from the new american label world war iv, but the art is by salt along with klangstabil themselves. the front is a black and white photo of a busy street scene, within a black frame, superimposed over that is a silhouette of two people, apparently holding guns. on the reverse of the sleeve is another black frame - this time with a quote from a surrealist manifesto at the top, and the credits at the bottom. clearly with the effort in design there is an idea behind this release. this klangstabil said: "the idea behind menschenhass: we can't understand people who don't care, people who have no idea how life works .. we can't accept the misunderstandings each day .. we want people to take more care in their and other peoples life. menschenhass means misanthropy. we are not misanthropes .. we are human beings." placing the needle in the center we watch as it moves outward, in reverse motion to meet the first hum of der menschenhasser. the hum is mixed with a slight crackle - the sound is slight, but this throws you as it is actually the sound of charge gathering. or so you discover with a sudden painful electrical discharge. shocked, charge builds again, accompanied by a slight beat as it goes through this repeating cycle. the pace is blunt, a steadiness - the discharges sharp, quick peaks, then an ebb back to the zero point. concerned with that it takes you longer to notice the melodies built from the initial hum, wavering and slightly buried with bass tones. menschenhass is more focused than much of the higher pitched oscillations common in klangstabil's work. though with that it could also be one of the harshest pieces i have heard from them. your memory of menschenhass is likely to be how slow and long the tracks are. though on examination there is certainly more to it than that. changing over we have absicherung der arbeitskraft, a more pronounced humming bass tone. forming cycles, which peak with a creaking clank of rough electronic beat. this focuses into a wavering two tone construction. with slight mutations change is present, but the focus remains the initial sounds. every other detail funnels your attention in that direction - the sound is rough and not a little hard - yet the effect is hypnotic, forming a hard core noise=trance track. pulling back from that drawing force, the other elements drone in a piercing fashion, crackling and distorting noisily. then there is a turning point where the core remains, but everything else acts at once - heavy layers assault in hard patterns. again the pacing is mid and absicherung der arbeitskraft seems to be fairly long, with various segments demonstrating a real power struggle after that turning point. exhausted all sounds retreat, leaving a final hum and conclusion. two hard tracks from klangstabil on clear backwards 10" vinyl - a definite collectors item. so it should be noted that menschenhass is limited to 353 copies and klangstabil warn that they are down to the very, very last ones. though if you are not fast enough you should avoid total despair, as there is a new klangstabil cd, gioco bambino, due through plate lunch, and the 12" sprite storage format from ant-zen in mid-february.

seven [04/2000]

in comparison with other klangstabil i have heard up to date, "menschenhass" by far has the most textured and noisy sound. i wonder if it is the result of the fact that this record was released on new york's wwiv records which is run by noise dj team noizguild that is famous for this kind of unstructured abrasive music. first side ("der menschenhassser") starts out with controlled barely structured noisy frequencies that are not nearly as cut up and processed as usual klangstabil sound. bursts of static feedback and manipulated noisy frequencies fill this track that could be described as "atmospheric" for the lack of better definition. the sound seems to be rather "flat" and not as textured as recent "sprite storage format". second side features more familiar klangstabil elements, but this time crunchier and noisier than ever with monotonous manipulated frequencies on the background and screeching piercing sounds overlaid on top of repetitive, almost drony noises as with "sprite storage format", there was a very special story behind the packaging that accompanied this release (more details on wwiv site); the usual advise that is applicable to all recent klangstabil work - listen to it loud! hopefully their upcoming us tour would show all the diversity the band possesses.

chthonic [11/2002]
wwiv is the new record label of the folks who do the noizguild club in new york, and although this is wwiv02, it’s the first record they’ve actually released. "menchenhass" is a two song clear 10" with a crazy inside-out groove (as in the needle starts in the middle and moves out as you play the record.) "absicherung der arbeitskraft" is based around a heavy synth riff that has been looped ad nauseum, while some excellent glitchy electronic noise is manipulated over the top. unlike a lot of repetitive stuff, this has an edge to it that gives it a sort of trancy feel rather than being boring. "der menchenhasser" is a bit more ambient and a bit darker, with smooth synth melodies and a pulsating beat hiding behind strange, almost random distorted bursts of metallic rhythm and ambient, buzzing feedback. the songs seem a bit long, but they have a good sound overall that makes it work, and this 10" receives my approval.