senden und empfangen - reviews

partysan (bawue) [03/1996]
absolut durchgedreht und ausserirdisch, praesentieren sich auf diesem vinyl klangstabil. wahnsinnig schraege sounds, funksender-samples und kommunizierende stimmen durchqueren die tracks in einer selbstverstaendlichket, als waere dies der fehlende kick. sicherlich sehr gewoehnungsbeduerftig, doch wer sich mit experimentellen und "brainwashing-sound" angefreundet hat, ist diese platte ein phates brett. no risk, no fun. und hier beginnen maurizio blanco und boris may der musikwelt in den arsch zu treten, wo andere sich schon lange nicht mehr hinwagen. (s-it)

new empire [09/1998]

a dark and transformed voice repeats the word „klangstabil", in the background is the sound of a radio tuned to a frequency out of the common frecuency-spectrum that drives you into madness. this is the beginning of klangstabil, the beginning of the „senden&empfangen"-12" maxi. senden und empfangen means to send and to receive and this is the topic of the soundscapes created on the maxi. four songs about communication. the second song „gehirnstroeme" brings some simple bass-beats and a lot of tempo-variations and again the sound of someone who scans all radiofrequencies without discovering a channel. on the backside some kind of acid-sounds await the listener. in the song „raum-modulator". pure minimalistic sounds like shots of lasers in a b-scifi-movie. again there is sended something out, maybe the vibes (yeah there are vibes !) of the track. finishing this maxi is „wir telephonieren" – „we are phoning" in english. it closes the chronicle of communication with the climax of this maxi ! some distorted pieces of speech and voices like a bad radio-transmission with a fast and driving beat and noises like in the first song. a circle that is closed, but gaining energy with every round it makes. senden und empfangen is the first material of klangstabil. there are good ideas and a lot of thoughts brought into this piece of art. you have to be patient to understand this music and expecially this maxi.

d.l.k. the hell key [04/1999]
one of klangstabil older records is this senden und empfangen (transmitting and receiving) which actually is a concept about transmission and receiving of frequencies, tones, sounds etc... it features four songs: a little track in which frequencies of all kinds can be listend; a song about brainstreams and danceable techno beats; a minimal acid-techno-progression with asymmethrical/non-rhythmical beats; a somewhat kraftwerk-influenced concept-song about the act of telephoning, made up of a mish mash of voices and tones ... marc urselli-schaerer

re:mote induction [01/2000]
mauizio blanco and boris may are klangstabil and "senden und empfangen" is the fourth release to be reviewed on this site. like the previous three this is also a vinyl release, being a four track 12", though it is released through shokoy records rather than their own mega hertz label. the first side of senden und empfangen is started by the title track senden und empfangen. which starts us of with a slight melody growing with a breathy snatch of repeated vocal. on top of the expanding melody is a pure electronic sound - bleepy and analogue. progressing through rapid patterns of computerized actions. very smooth sounding, providing one of the cleanest and most enjoyable klangstabil tracks i have heard. we continue with gehirnstrome which works with its first sound changing up and down pitch in a wave fashion. this evens out into a stuttering melody with the addition of a regular bass beat, and gentler clicking beat. higher analogue waves are added, shifting through shrill territory for a bit before plummeting into bass regions and back. the central beats remain a steady constant while the oscillations vary across the spectrum - which at times verges into painful, but is quite enjoyable throughout. switching to side 2 we start with raum-modulator which moves from a mid-bass sound to a deeper bass, the duration of the elements lengthening, bringing the sounds closer together. initially this is only joined by the typical minimal beat of klangstabil. from this base further elements are added in something of a techno exploration - feeling out that territory with out really occupying it as such. perhaps more meandering than the first side, but also focused within its own dynamic. the last track on this 12" is wir telephonieren, starting with a pitter-patter of an electronic loop, distorted radio traffic and a growing melody. similar elements are added - several voices layering from different sources, just as the melodies and steady beat. of the four tracks this is the most structured and engaging, joining the title track senden und empfangen as the most enjoyable tracks here.

de:bug [02/1998]
schon etwas aelter die platte, aber da wir sie erst jetzt bekommen haben und niemandem vorenthalten wollen, der mit boehm gott der elektrik erst zum klangstabil juenger geworden ist, dass sie davor andere und anders merkwuerdie musik gemacht haben, hoeren wir das hier nicht nur extrem gerne, sonder muessen das auch noch so sagen. 4 tracks auf der platte, der erste, und titeltrack, einer dieser begrenzungsradiopiepser und darke melodien drunter. ein einstieg. "gehirnstroeme" arbeitet mit aehnlichen testfrequenzartigen sounds, schrabbt eine bassdrum drunter, zerreisst seinen eigenen klang immer wieder selber, behaelt dabei aber die erstaunliche ruhe eines serienmoerders. "raummodulator" wirkt ein wenig dumpf, aber tatsaechlich beweisst er, der track, als einer der ganz wenigen zur zeit, dass eine 303 funky sein kann. "wir telefonieren" ist die dunkle kraftwerk seite. so als waere nach einem jahrzehnt eine verzerrte botschaft angekommen und wuerde sich jetzt, in serien von impulsen aufgeloest als das identiizierbare unter dem stoergeraeusch der galaxis raechen. in zeiten in denen sogar hawking von der bz rueckseite sagen muss, dass die aliens uns hassen (bzw. vernichten wollen), eine gute dosis freundschaft mit dem ausserweltlichen des elektrosmogs diese platte.