taking nothing seriously - texte

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you may start
how can i say, you´re not alone?
everybody´s phoning, nobody is connected.
i pretend to be someone,
with poison. lies. we are infected.

how can i say, we´re not alone?
from one comandment we are directed,
be selfish, cold and wrong,
now load your weapons and stay protected.

load your weapons and stay protected.
everybody´s phoning, nobody is connected.
from wrong comandments we are directed.
with poison lies we are infected.

now fight

i don´t know what you fight for.
you don´t know it either.

is there a little faith in you?
then say hello to lonesome people.
i know, we have lots of work to do,
but if you start, i make the sequel.

you may start, i make the sequel.
say hello to lonesome people.
everyone is different but everybody is equal.
check the massage, do the recall.
you make a start, i´ll make the sequel.

we are nothing,
if we let nothing exist,
causality will fail,
and nothing will be missed.


it´s hard to ignore the way you didn´t like me.
you made me sure,
that nothing is secure in this life.

it´s over

we're facing each other,
and only see lies and truth
at the same time.

can`t believe this.
i won`t believe this.

i find myself dying
but my lifesave programm still works and directs me:

the camera goes from the general to the specific
and we close together and you hold my hand
and you just start to say some words and cut!
ok director, i know its not my role
and i will never play it again,
thank you for my chance!
maybe i´ll watch the film later? alone? someday?
.... or maybe never?

i`m just a slave of my dreams.
wake up and face it.

oh no it`s ok, i understand,
we will never come together,
but the truth beats under my skin and hurts
and understands ... nothing.

and by the way,
can`t believe this.
won`t believe this.

if i could turn the world,
i´d turn it back as fast as i can
and ...hello, its me again ... may i kiss you?

it´s simple, isn´t it?

let us move, timeless from now on, please
and it´s better to know nothing of the future.
we could produce greatness together, believe me
and reach an even higher level. if you want it too.
and if you tell me of your anger,
we will find a solution... together ...just tell.

i know, you know what it means,
to walk with a smiling face through this world.

you don`t have to say yes to me and no to all, again.
i´m your friend and not your jailor, no more... trust me.

i know what we have done wrong,
but those who forget are happier. people say.

and i wanna be happier. i wanna be happier.

but the truth, you shouldn´t listen to it

if i lose you, i lose all.
it´s the same fucking mistake again, and again and again.
it´s the fear of nothing and i´m nothing with this fear.
it´s the same fucking mistake again.
it´s not over.

talk to me!
do it. direct!
don´t believe there is nothing.


gloomy day [album version]
dimmi perche devo avere fiducia in te
se una promessa non vale piu niente.

perche devo credere nei tuoi baci
se le regole le fai tu.

esse sono:
se sei bravo, forse ti do di piu.
dimmi quanti di quei cani hai
che porti a guinzaglio corto.

e quanti di quelli hai fatto diventare cammelli
con lo sguardo strampalato
che ti fanno ridere se racconti di loro.

ma senza di me.

io sento quello che non dici.
vedo quello che non fai vedere.
dico quello che non vuoi far sapere.

senti bene:
ti amo
senza ragione.


a difference thatīs for all to see
art, it leaves the artist cold,
like age, it leaves the aged old,
greed it makes the leaden gold,
and slaves, they leave the market sold.

sentimental cannibals,
at night you hear their mating calls.
look up! and see the stars that fall,
then they got you by the balls.

yes, you think you are a clever chap,
while rappers rap their macho crap,
open your eyes and shut your trap,
the muse, she vomits in your lap!

you didn't see you'd sold your soul,
they took it out, they dug a hole,
buried it deep down in the coal
and left you living on the dole.

so, go and find philosophers stone,
i tell you now, it's a bone,
you can find it right home,
or any place you are alone.

or sit around in your socks
and watch bloodsports on the box,
and bears, who rape young goldilocks,
for an evening of cathartic shocks!

so a difference that's for all to see,
is just a matter of degree,
for people just like you and me,
who will share the same eternity.

and mr pavlov's dinner gong,
on television, with a song.
no dualistic right and wrong,
if you agree to play along.

and earthen giants are in chains,
prometheus gave us gifts of flames,
children, blowtorched, scream in pain!
please praise the god who gave us rain.

and rousseau's savage is too dumb,
buy his soul with beads, and rum,
and the bumble-bee must bum,
in the animal kingdom come.

when pirates lose their treasure maps,
like blind men in the night they tap
and to fortuna doff their caps
and whisper, "snake eyes" to their craps.

and every year a new calendar,
shows pictures of young girls pudenda,
just to help you to remember,
that all life's, return to sender!

and the pucker lips apocalypse,
is being sold with swinging hips.
to couples who must come to grips,
who struggle till the fabric rips!

a difference that's for all to see
is just a matter of degree,
for people just like you and me,
who will share the same eternity.


wer könnte sich hals über kopf begegnen,
es wäre ein traum
im kopfstand die identität

die tage unter der achalm, die nächte sind gezählt.
ein sprödes zelt wird abgebrochen
und für ein neues will ein halt gefunden sein.

kennst du das schlaraffenland hinter den sieben sternen
verglühen die satelliten,
keiner ist schöner als du.


push yourself
rediscover yourself, your pride, your dignity,
your holiness, force and weakness, love and passion.

unknown power recharged my voice.

reconnect and rerespect yourself.

refind your roots, your family, your way.

identify, eye in eye with your enemy
and say i am, boris sebastian may,
nobody can bring me down.

now push yourself, don´t think anyone else does it
and trust yourself, don´t think anyone else does it.

be a giant,
great as you want, got it
and follow your dreams,
with one step forward, that´s it.
that´s it.


kill all lifeforms
look around
the things between us didn´t work
we detect and collect and delete it
and i´m sure now
i will complete it

and i will. kill. all lifeforms.

with clarity within, i create silence
and nothing will be left in the end
and we take nothing seriously.
so there will be no next sunrise. for no one.
no further day. no life on.

I kill all lifeforms tonight

thoughts of making things better in the future
are unnecessary, thank you.
you don´t have the future for that.
your senses becomes sensless. now.
throw them away and sense nothing.

and kill all lifeforms

no second chance
no shaking hands
don´t make plans
tonight it ends

you can´t stop
the bombs i drop
i will shoot
the life you got

all the gab
all this crap
with every step
lose things you had

and kill all lifeforms

it´s too late
meet your fate
i create
abundance of hate

you won´t learn
now it´s my turn
get what you earn
light up and burn

step up front
and you can trust
without trace
you get lost

i kill all lifeforms

i speak earthquake
wind and fire
i will bash you
fucking liar

don´t get me wrong
wait too long
won´t say it twice
i judge your lies

the cold of steel
is what you feel
i keep my word
nothing is real

and i kill all lifeform

its the greed
of your seed
you will bleed
with this deed

you have got
your bath of blood
dip in, please
sink in peace

i decide
lay down the light
and see the right
in this last fight

and in the killing of all lifeforms

nothing is as it ever will be
and nothing ever will be

the race of death
steals your breath
and you will feel
nothing become real

in all directions
i coming out
doing causes

flames in motion
nature acting

you make life
not worth to live