robotzine interview

1- first of all, could you give us latest news about your band?

first of all, we may add, we're going to answer the interview in a mixed form - means: klangstabil is mhz + mhz is klangstabil. we = boris may + maurizio blanco = are one. the mhz/klangstabil cosmos covers a big circle of persons like berbat sez, goran besov, pal, has become one big "family".

the latest informations have already grown old by the day after tomorrow. it's not easy to keep informations actual daily... the internet offers simply the easiest opportunity to get "fresh" informations:

here's a short list of our recent "news" (mid-oct.'99) for our "non-internet" fans:

- repress of the pal lp
- menschenhass 12" (world war iv) available soon
- preparations for the delta compilation are in work
- goran besov´s double lp 12" "elements" in preparation
- plans for 12" lp berbat sez "solo-album"


2- when & how did you start klangstabil ?

klangstabil were formed in 1994. we got to know each other from a common friend - who is, by the way, our mhz-graphic-designer now. soon we noticed that we had to take the klangstabil-way together...and here we are!


3- what is your studio set-up like? your equipments? do you work mainly with devices or is klangstabil done on computer?

we don't like to talk about our equipment. we may tell you that we work with big, heavy and old analogue-equipment, but we won't give you a detailled list. in fundamental we accept all kinds of musical instruments...from a hammer to a computer. the only thing that counts is the transformation (of ideas and sounds)! for example: our recent cd is produced by using only a nintendo "gameboy". the cd will be available this winter from mhz/plate lunch(mhz05/pl10) cd-title: "gioco bambino".

4- how do you describe your music? experimental, electronic, noise, industrial,......?

it's not important to describe music or to put it in some pre-defined "drawers". it's much more important to develope music out of a feeling...this may result in "scene"-compatible tracks. to be true, we don't have an overall view about this broad and split scenes. there are only two kinds of music - good music and bad music!


5- what are you working on right now? klangstabil? what're your plans for future?

we're going to push mhz artists like goran besov, berbat sez etc. much more in the near future. there are no concrete plans available yet, but there are a great number of already finished projects, like for example a videoclip for goran's new track from his "elements" lp.

6- your musical influences? what influences klangstabil? any particular artists, ideas,etc. what do you think about kraftwerk?

kraftwerk is a part of our life. we felt confirmed by kraftwerk. we experienced similar musical feeelings than kraftwerk. from the musical point of view we estimate and love kraftwerk...they are amongst the founders of electronic music. of course the 80's influenced us a lot...although they have no direct influence on our music. our motto is to destroy what exists...and to build it up new... to make music understandable in a new way!

7- tell us about your latest release (cd,ep,etc)? are you satisfied> with it?

the recent p·a·l 12" (vinyl) has sold out in already three weeks. a repress has been done, that is nearly sold out again. the new klangstabil record
will be released by the new york based label "world war iv" and it will be available in the usa on a transparent 10" vinyl ...., strictly limited to 353 copies. not more than 100 copies will be available in europe. it is titled "menschenhass". for coverpictures and tracks check:

8- what made you want to create electronic, noise,... music?
music is a part of our life. we decided to live our life.

9- you also have a label mhz .... i think that´s great....but you know germany is a techno & house paradise (love parade, clubs, etc...). is it
difficult to have an electronic/experimental /noise label? you´ll never make more money, haha??

you may be right. germany is surely a paradise for electronic music. finally the most important electronic compositions have been produced in germany (stockhausen, schnitzler, schulze, huetter...) techno and house are mainstream- stuff - sometimes they sound nice, but mostly only include the value of money in their patterns. no, we don't earn any money with our music - or would you sell your baby?


10-what is your target audience ? how´s the experimental,ambient, electro, noise scene in germany?

we are in touch with the biggest experimental and industrial labels in germany, probably also in europe...the audience of these labels include definitely
absolutely different people. klangstabil isn't orientated towards any scene. instead, klangstabil is music for listeners that like to listen.

11- what are your ten favorite records? (ten for all times & other ten for just now , ok!)

just now:

pal - dream and bliss
winterkaelte - structures of destruction
conrad schnitzler - blau
v.a. - herr rossi sucht das glueck (tv-soundtrack)
nico - live in japan
simon v. - santorin 003
navicon torture technologies - live gig in nyc
deiker 002
hal9000 (5+6)
half life (blood action)

all times:

public enemy - burn hollywood burn
the alliance - realizie
jonzun crew - pac jam
depeche mode - never let me down again
kraftwerk - menschmaschine
goran besov - major malfunction
if - portrait of a dead girl (superman live version)
neucleus - wicki wicki song
hymen cd - teknoir
public enemy - fight tha power

12- what do you think about these topics:

earth - "small and blue"
life - "much too short"
politicians - "no comment"
governments - "no comment"
animal rights - "aren't humans animals, too?"
peace - "will that ever happen?"
serial killers - "henry"
art - "no comment"
noise/experimental music - "another drawer"
media/tv - "brainmanipulation"
computer/internet - "communication"
communication - "computer/internet"
kraftwerk - "we are the roboters"
analog/digital system - "both have advantages and disadvantages"
terrorism - "no comment"
sex - "no comment"
trendy people/electronica & dance music fashion? -"no comment"


13-do you know anything about turkey & the turkish scene? do want to play in istanbul-turkey one day? berbat sez a great turkish guy.....

istanbul is a really beautiful city. i've been to istanbul-maltepe in 1989 for a whole month. i had time enough to get to know istanbul. from the musical point of view turkish folk-music has interested me a lot. we would surely love to play in istanbul...probably a concert together with berbat sez?

14-as you see ,today, we live in a computerworld (like kraftwerk says) everywhere in the world!... in future, will we (humans) be robots/androids?

no, that won't probably happen. i think we're going to get more comfortable and will use the power of technics more and more intense...being a piece of the whole future network-system.


15-would like to add anything, last words?

... es dient der ton zur kommunikation...
thanks for doing the interview! klangstabil!!