mute! magazine

how did klangstabil begin?

it would really be interesting to us just how often we have answered this question so far... haha. klangstabil was formed in 1994. boris and i got to know each other through a common friend. from then on, it was playing around with instruments and experimenting, with the goal of making music comprehensible again.

is there a story behind sprite storage format? why the gameboy?

ssf is a concept album. we wanted to come up with a progressive new- perhaps unusual- music for gameboy players and musicians. a gameboy is much more than a $50 part in a small plastic box and a tiny display! wasn't it just like a brother for us or more? we love computer games; we love the gameboy... why not a record of gameboy music too? (thanks to s.alt/ ant-zen) gioci bambini? correctly spelled: "gioco bambino"... what "spiel kind" (also gameboy) is called when translated directly into italian. i am italian, so it was clear that the gameboy release (available in april 2000 through the megahertz label) had to be labeled in italian. maybe now my father will understand our music better? haha...

did you have a gameboy when you were young? what about an atari?

naturally! the complete set: atari 2600, 800xl, c64, amiga, st, etc... like i already said- gameboys!!

do you play a lot of video games these days? if so, what game system is your favorite?

we have the newest game systems now: playstation, n64, dreamcast... each system has its own merits... i personally swear by sony playstation; on the other hand, boris is an absolute n64 freak... we will see what playstation 2 brings us.

are you currently working on any new material?

we are working right now on a project "kopfmusik" that has been planned for two years- music for and about the head. an excerpt from a track is already available for listening on our website.

how about a klangstabil tour in the us?

it will be given later this year (beginning/middle of august 2000). planned appearances are: nyc, la, sf, austin, and washington. p.a.l. will accompany us in the states and will potentially join up with noizguild.

what brought about the creation of the megahertz music label?

megahertz is a platform for musical freedom. no pressure, no restrictions. anything is possible. here artists and musicians from all over the world can publish their work. the only prerequisite- for the sound to serve as communication.

what artists are you most pleased to have released?

it is not important whether someone is well-known or not to release on our label. it is much more important to form a friendship and eventually to realize common projects, ideas, and concepts. megahertz does not differentiate between good and very good, between good and bad. good is just as compatible to mergahertz as very good.

any future artists we can expect to see?

you will have to be in suspense...

do you see a trend developing in current power electronic/rhythmic industrial/minimal techno scene?

scene? aren't the distinctions constantly changing? "power electronic/rhythmic industrial/minimal techno" is a particular drawer, which is opened and later shut again. parallels between different musical trends will sooner or later reach a common denominator and will create a new, unique musical trend. and so runs the cycle.

anything else you would like to add?

the newest information is always on thanks, boris and maurizio