yesternight interview

When there are two artists in a project: is it better when they agree musically or rather when they complete one another?
I think to agree musically, is a basic requirement for a common project, to complement each other is a precious moment.

Does you music serve as a tool for you to explain your vision of the world or rather it is a way you try to understand things that surround us every day?
Music offers the possibility to process the surrounding world and still recognice oneself in it. It is easy to lose self-awareness, to be distracted, to stop thinking and to lose oneself. Music defines ones own self for the temporal space, in wich it was created. The result can always be recalled as a reminder of what one has been or still is, how much power one was able to produce, how weakness felt, what kind of thoughts and words felt appropriate. A document of time, like a diary or a picture.

Should making music be an effect of spontaneous creation or rather a certain dose of distance and criticism is necessary?
Both. There is no contradiction.

"Taking nothing seriously" is like an emotional scream (or at times weep) turned into sounds... what were you trying to express on that album?
And as the music seems to hit straight into the heart of the listener I've got one more question: would you prefer your music make people start feeling or thinking? Firstly it describes the fight within oneself as human being. Then it shows how to pull oneself up again and to win something positive from life. It is not a depressive album, it alternates between desperation and peace of mind. Sometimes the best one can do is to shout one´s head off. Naturally all this is meant to make people think and communicate and feel.

What are your live concerts like? Do you use any visualizations, special effects to enrich your performance?
The typical performance of a "laptop band" on stage: two or three people standing behind a table, hidden by their screens, tensely pulling faces. The problem is, mostly there is not enough timespace at a festival for example to offer a more differenciated presentation on stage. Setting up and taking down of equipment has to be quick and should not require too much room. We have, in the meantime reduced our equipment as far as possible, so that one of us is controlling the devices and the other is up front with the microphone. This amounts to a better interaction with the public. By the way...We are planning to move in the video-direction, so if you know good video-artists, let us know.

"Angst" is to feature remixes of various artists. what determines the choice of the artists?
Can a bit more about the release and your future plans? The choice of artists for remixes is actually very simple, naturally we must like the original track and it must have a potential for new interpretation. there are many tracks that should not be interpreted in a different way. But the main point is, that we are friends with the artist. Presently we are working on new stuff.

And the last question: there are various reasons why people decide to express themselves by means of music: what was it in your case?
Music is a universal language of emotions, understood by everyone. Thank you very much.