label: pflichtkauf (12"-lp) pflich07 - [09/2001]
graphics: salt (ant-zen. audio & visual arts)
illustration: herbert holzing - (c) 1981 by. k. thienemanns verlag. stuttgart - wien

distributed on 500 limited vinyl records (12"-lp).

kantorka: "krabat ist der, den ich lieb habe"

"krabat" is the title of a fairytale saga, retold by otfried preu▀ler, of an orphan boy, who has to find his way between the secrets of black magic and the power of love. klangstabil - who have been fascinated since childhood by this mysterious and ominous tale - have in their new work "kantorka" combined playfully various musical elements on an electronic acoustical level, in an innovative representation of krabat's story. the complex monotony of the tracks is of a completely new type and demonstrates clear and unexpected structures, creating a balancing act between melancholic harmonies and the energetic expressiveness, wellknown to experienced listeners of klangstabil. the unfamiliar approach is illustrated in the cover-title. "kantorka", the singing girl, is the personification of love and represents a new feature in the works of klangstabil.

"liebe ist staerker als alle zaubermacht"

der meister
der koraktor

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mp3s: 44100 hz . vbr . stereo