senden und empfangen

label: shokoy records [11/1995]
graphics: dvd and MHz

the project 'transmit and receive' introduces a new standard to the underground scene and is of interest even for people who never had anything to do with pure electronic music. because they seek a true, intense sound, klangstabil concentrates mainly on analogue tools. namely, working without a computer-controlled sequencer.
uncompromisingly individualistic, the artists press their impressions onto hallowed black vinyl and are not influenced at all by the commercial world.

distributed on 999 limited edtion vinyl records (12"-maxi)

senden und empfangen
this track is an introduction to klangstabil's world. it clearly shows an outline of frequencies that are sent out and received by us daily.

what influenced the artists to do this particular piece of work? brainwaves, literally: highs and lows leave no corner of the brain in the dark. a constant beat makes this track very danceable.

arhythmatic beat mixed with acid-elements. minimalistic styling and excellent presentation.

wir telephonieren
the daily use of the telephone; in connection with 'transmit and receive' (senden und empfangen). these aspects are supported and expressed with sounds and made more inspiring for the listener. the chaos of voices and sounds present a contradiction to the constant beat of the drum.

vinyl sold out

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mp3s: 44100 hz . vbr . stereo