straftat gegen das leben

label: david records [05/1997] und MHz [09/1997]
graphics: mkr - muenchen

straftat gegen das leben is available on compact disc (1000) on david records with the possibility of a rerelease.
the vinyl lp (500) was released mid september 1997 (limited editions) on MHz / david rec.

das weiße rauschen
.. is the introduction to the album and illustrates the different
perspectives which are camed throgh the whole album.
hate and love stand in opposition, two poles between which
courses an unyielding energy, their spirit is expressed via
electronic waves.

666 und roland
this track is so full of motion, you won't be able to stand still! an abrupt and cut-off beat makes it possible to act according to "face the music and dance" or perhaps, "dance till you die."

himmel tod erde
in most cases music can be described with words. here is an exception.

terraristen (*)
mankind is dying, and the planet regresses back to its former, prehistoric state. the life forces which cannot be tamed form a world where the process of evolution begins anew.

isabella´s hochzeit
there are few words which can accurately deliver the unbridled power and emotion of this track. it seizes your attention with an unrelinquishing grip and leaves you speechless with only the desire to hear it again.

bring´ dich um
"kill yourself" is aimed at those who spread this music as part of a thoughtless piece of art amongst the masses.

germanium (*)
germany, a country where intolerance rules. this track also portrays the contradictory feelings both musicians have towards their own home country.

elektroschock warteraum
we will meet each other in the electroshock waiting room.

(*) available only on cd

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