taking nothing seriously

label: heckengäu 02 (12" lp) / ant-zen act136 (cd) [05/2004]
layout: salt (ant-zen. audio & visual arts)
photography: frank bayh
additional photography: salt (ant-zen. audio & visual arts)
lyrics: klangstabil, alasdair macaulay and ulrich raschke
mastering: simon jarosch (simon v.)
musical support on "a difference that's for all to see" from schmerzverstaerker

lp edition: 300 limited and numbered
cd edition: 1200 copies

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you may start
gloomy day [album version]
a difference that's for all to see
push yourself (*)
reason to live (*)
kill all lifeforms

(*) only available on cd
there are 8 tracks on the new klangstabil cd, "taking nothing seriously" and 6 on the vinyl version. the creative work on this, a concept album like all klangstabil albums, took from 2000 to 2004.

reason to live music video

the title, "taking nothing seriously" can be understood on several levels. for klangstabil the meaning is literally to take nothing seriously. whenever one starts considering nothing, one soon gets to the point that nothing is always and in every thing present.

there is only one nothing, but it can be observed from various angles. there are people who struggle against nothing, and others who only live for nothing. the phrase, "if you have nothing, you are nothing" is equally true for a materialistic person, intent on posession, as for a buddhist.

nothing then is universal. for example, where is an idea when it is not being thought. or the relationship to another individual that awaits awakening? potential in nothing.

nothing is beyond the understanding of many people.

the possibilities of being are not preordained. humans do not partake of being in the same way as things. the individual comes from nothing and must through constant creative struggle become what he is. the individual is free. the nothing from which he arises incessantly lies in wait. individual freedom is every minute threatened, with and through materiality, to revert to the state of mere being. the individual can compel itself only through personal volition to leave nothing behind and to challenge its constant threat. the individual and no-one else, not even a god, is alone responsible for his actions.

a human is not just responsible for and to himself, but also for others and to others.

in the face of nothing klangstabil cannot remain neutral, and primarily equates it with a value-void. conversely, the word nothing is played with and gains new possibilities of meaning.

we are nothing, if we let nothing exist.

the textual element of "taking nothing seriously" is remarkable. the texts can be defined as "direct talkin´ lyrics" meaning that they have the nature of spontaneously recorded dialogue. little attention is paid to keeping tact or making improvements afterwards, rather that emotion and content are delivered authentically to the receiver.

the text must live out its own dynamic reality, which can lead to aesthetic conventions being demolished, exploded by their reversal or the leaving behind of the laws of linguistic logic. sentences are simplified, reduced to telegram messages with the aim of realising emotional existence. therefore, to open the meaning, effects such as word conglomeration, or word pictures, or pathos are driven, in rhythmic and metric freedom to the heights of the scream.

besides, the old klangstabil principle that "sound serves communication" still holds true.

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